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In his speech, Liu said China and the United States have reached consensuses on economic and trade issues, pledging not to engage in a trade war after Chinese Vice Premier Liu He visited the United States as a special envoy of President Xi Jinping.Over 560 million tickets were sold on the Chinese mainland during the three months, a 36.5-percent increase on a yearly basis.Workers work at a construction site of Datong-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway in Huai'an County, north China's Hebei Province, June 8, 2018. China plans to build 3,200 km of new high-speed railways in 2019, with the total length expected to exceed 30,000 km, Lu Dongfu, general manager of the China Railway (CR), told a work conference Wednesday. (Xinhua/Yang Shiyao)The monorail in Balanga city is the second monorail that BYD will build in the Philippines.



  • China had always paid high attention to the building of an ecological civilization, practiced the concept of green development, and advocated the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, the premier said.
  • "We did every effort to have Bud Keene on our side because we really want to achieve something in Big Air," said Zhou Jin, team manager of China's Big Air and slopstyle technique squad.
  • BIRMINGHAM, Britain, March 9 (Xinhua) -- Defending champion Shi Yuqi of China was stopped by former world champion Viktor Axelsen from Denmark in the semifinals of the All England Open badminton championships here on Saturday.
  • The statistics showed that hog prices had fallen for four weeks in a row by late November amid signs of hog production recovery nationwide.
  • Also on Wednesday, 19 confirmed cases were discharged from hospital after recovery, and one asymptomatic carrier was released from medical observation.



  In the center is the country's largest and most advanced launch pad that is 70 meters tall, equivalent to the height of a 24-story building, and covers an area of 600 square meters, the same size as half a basketball court.HARBIN, Feb. 6 (Xinhua) -- Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province reported three new locally transmitted confirmed COVID-19 cases on Friday, local health authorities said Saturday.According to a plan regarding the reduction and reconstruction of the coal mining industry in the province, coal mines with an annual output below 600,000 tonnes will be closed by 2020.


The Chinese team exploited an extra end to beat world champion Norway 6-5 in the final for its first-ever medal, and even a gold, in the history of the Winter Paralympic Games.
The show, titled "South of South," was presented in Pudahuel, a smaller town within Santiago's greater metropolitan area, and showcased the rich cultural heritage of Shenzhen, a city in China's southern Guangdong Province."This gives us a chance to intensify our economic ties. More significantly, we can study and reflect upon the Chinese experience," he said.
The private sector has gained the most from the reforms, with 671.2 billion yuan of taxes reduced during the period, according to data released at a press briefing of the State Taxation Administration (STA).Over the past 40 years, China has granted more than 100,000 national science awards, covering achievements in areas such as high-temperature superconducting materials, supercomputers and hybrid rice.
The pace was well above the government's annual growth target of around 6.5 percent.
In addition, some quality inspection agencies need to improve services and develop clearer market positions.
As a further boost to the development of Hebei, the country announced the establishment of the Xiongan New Area in 2017, which lies about 100 km southwest of Beijing and spans three counties in Hebei.
Xi's Rwanda visit will be the first by a Chinese president. He will hold talks with his Rwandan counterpart Paul Kagame and witness the signing of cooperation documents, to push bilateral pragmatic cooperation to a higher level, Kong said.JAKARTA, Aug. 21 (Xinhua) -- China's new star gymnast Chen Yile won the country's 12th straight title in the women's all-around event at the Asian Games here on Tuesday.


  • Carrying on China's hopes in the doubles format were two other teams who advanced to round two -- Xu Yifan and Yang Zhaoxuan, and the China-Belgium duo of Zhu Lin and Mona Barthel.
  • Scientific and technological innovation has become more dependent on large, reliable sets of scientific data. China still has a lot of work to do in developing, utilizing, opening, sharing and protecting data.
  • "China has not only fulfilled its WTO entry commitments, but also pushed itself to go much further in the scope and depth of opening up," said Song Hong, a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
  • In order to survive in the AI period, a lot more can be done to revamp the education to change the type and way content is taught, and for children to be independent, critical thinkers who are innovative and creative, said Ma.
  • BEIJING, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- China's futures market reported robust growth in both trading volume and turnover in 2020, industrial data showed.DOHA, Oct. 29 (Xinhua) -- By a margin of 0.049 points, China won the men's team title at the 2018 World Gymnastics Championships held in Doha, Qatar on Monday.Wu said that as China's market was still largely untapped, it would likely become the company's largest market outside Germany in 10 years.
  • The total property investment last year surpassed 12 trillion yuan (about 1.77 trillion U.S. dollars), the NBS said.On July 11, China's first self-built polar icebreaker Xuelong 2 was delivered in Shanghai, which will boost China's polar research and expedition capabilities, according to the ministry.
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      BEIJING, Nov. 18 (Xinhua) -- China's fight against doping was given a huge boost when the country's Supreme People's Court brought long-heralded criminal punishments for certain doping activities into law here on Monday.

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      菲律宾哪个集团靠谱The output expanded 5.9 percent year on year last month, up 0.1 percentage point from that recorded in September.

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    菲律宾哪个集团靠谱BEIJING, March 29 (Xinhua) -- China said Thursday that the U.S. trade approach had set a bad precedent that could trigger a domino effect on protectionism, and the United States must resort to dialogue and consultation to settle disputes.?Full story

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    Bond yields dropped last year, with the yield for one-year treasury bonds down 119 basis points year on year to 2.6 percent at the end of December, according to the PBOC.

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    菲律宾哪个集团靠谱China aims to lift another 10 million rural people out of poverty in 2018.

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    The submersible Shenhai Yongshi conducted 62 dives. Scientists succeeded in retrieving it in a variety of conditions including stormy waves and during the night.

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    菲律宾哪个集团靠谱The airline has provided air services to a total of seven million passengers since the start of this year's Chinese Lunar New Year travel rush on Jan. 21, according to China Southern.

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      Artists perform during the ballet "Goddess of the Luohe River" at the Lincoln Center in New York, the United States, on Aug. 17, 2019. Guangzhou Ballet, a renowned Chinese troupe, made its New York City debut Saturday night at the David H. Koch Theater of Lincoln Center, bringing top-tier Chinese ballet to over 1,800 spectators. Featuring a combination of Western and Oriental styles of ballet, Guangzhou Ballet presented two productions at one show. (Xinhua/Qin Lang)