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Zhu told Xinhua that she'll definitely come back to play China's local league but has not yet decided which club she wants to join.Later Sunday afternoon, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi also held talks with Saleumxay Kommasith.Kim also said he hoped that relevant parties will attach importance to and positively respond to the DPRK's legitimate concerns, and jointly push for a comprehensive resolution of the Korean Peninsula issue.The legacy of the fight against the epidemic is remarkable: better parenthood after spending almost the entire semester together, a self-study experience that will benefit long-term development and improve expertise in using technology for online education, and most importantly, a strong spirit of solidarity, courage, optimism and unconquerable determination amid hardship.



  • GAZA, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) -- Two Palestinians were killed and 242 injured on Friday during protests and clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli soldiers in eastern Gaza Strip close to the border with Israel, medics said.
  • Coca-Cola cares China and intends to stay for a long, long time in China, said Curt Ferguson, president of Coca-Cola China, Korea and Mongolia, recently at the 15th Anniversary and Lunar New Year Gala of China General Chamber of Commerce-USA (CGCC).
  • The Belt and Road Initiative is gaining momentum. China will strive for the early conclusion of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, and speed up negotiations on a China-EU investment agreement and a China-Japan-ROK free trade area, Xi said.
  • "China has steadfastly taken the path of peaceful development and followed defensive national defense policies," Ren said, adding that China does not seek military expansion or sphere of influence and has always been a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, and a guardian of international order.
  • Last year, Coca-Cola's Chinese business saw double-digit growth for the third year in a row and ranked as the number one contributor of growth in the company, according to Ferguson.



  Residents of the Santiago Crespo Calvo Nursing Home attend a Christmas party in Alajuela, Costa Rica, on Dec. 21, 2017. Several local business organized a Christmas party for the elderly of the Santiago Crespo Calvo Nursing Home, according to local press. (Xinhua/Kent Gilbert)He said the world is undergoing great changes never seen in the past century and Asia's rise is inevitable.As an important platform for global crisis management and economic governance, the G20 shoulders key responsibilities to advocate international cooperation and boost morale for economic recovery. The summit is a first step of the group's response to the crisis, and G20 members, based on the consensus reached Thursday, should work together to follow through on their pledges.


The China-bashing tactics were often used in previous U.S. presidential campaigns to win votes from anti-China advocates.
Originating from careful meditation of the current world, which is growing increasingly multi-polar, economically globalized, digitized and culturally diversified, they offer a solution to many of the world's pressing challenges, including sluggish economic recovery and a degree of backsliding on globalization.As the China-European cargo trains reach more European countries, China-Europe cooperation should also be taken into consideration in the long run.
Sun urged China's winter sports teams to learn from more established winter sports nations, as well as China's successful summer sports teams, in order that they might improve and achieve better results in international competitions. She added that winter sports athletes should also make their own contributions, as China strives to boost the development and popularity of winter sports and deliver a successful 2022 Winter Olympics.Macao was always dedicated to furthering ties between China and Portugal, and to making more contributions to the comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation between the two countries, he added.
Designed in Chinese standards, the Kuito water supply project is the largest water supply system in central Angola, said Si Qin, public relations officer of the project, at the inauguration ceremony.
Since January, the United States has imposed additional tariffs on photovoltaic, steel and aluminium products and has similar tariff plans for cars and auto parts, which have drawn opposition from China, India, the European Union, Canada and many other World Trade Organization members.
With wide participation, the import expo serves as a global public good for inclusive growth. Companies from all the G20 member states and 58 countries along the Belt and Road, as well as more than 30 of the world's 44 least developed countries, will send exhibitors to the event.
"Fears that the Chinese government is deliberately preying on countries in need are unfounded," wrote the expert.The CPC and the Chinese government highly value China-DPRK friendly cooperative ties. It is an unswerving principle of the CPC and the Chinese government to maintain, consolidate and develop good relations with the DPRK.


  • Today, some parts of the continent are still plagued by turbulence and conflict caused by traditional and non-traditional security threats.
  • Adonis Georgiadis, Greek minister of development and investments, is pictured in Athens, Greece, Oct. 30, 2019.? (Xinhua/Marios Lolos)
  • BEIJING, March 13 (Xinhua) -- With more than 118,000 confirmed cases in 114 countries and regions, the global novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak is now officially a pandemic.
  • France will visit World Cup hosts Russia next Tuesday in Saint Petersburg.
  • The cracks in capitalism are all-too-easy for everyone to see. It is no surprise that there is a growing nostalgia for socialism in the West.China will continue to stick to the strategy of preventing imported cases and local resurgence and join the global cooperation to defeat the coronavirus. Victory for sure is only victory for all. EnditemSHANGHAI, Nov. 8 (Xinhua) -- Well begun is half done. The first China International Import Expo (CIIE) inaugurated by Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday is a world fair that comes at the right time.
  • Wang is accompanying Chinese President Xi Jinping on a state visit to Spain. Xi arrived here Tuesday for the first visit by a Chinese head of state to the European country in 13 years.BEIJING, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) -- Chinese research ship Kexue will conduct research from January to February in waters under the Philippines jurisdiction, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Tuesday.
  • Xu, who is professor and director of the Department of Composition and Theory at South China Normal University School of Music, has been awarded a scholarship under the State Scholarship Fund to pursue study in the United States as a visiting scholar in 2018. At the same time, she studied Classical Composition for the Professional Studies Certificate at the MSM.




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      Today, more than at any other time in history, China is closer to, more confident and more capable of achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. However, lofty goals are never easily reached.

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      买时时输了80万China has reiterated that necessary counterstrikes will be rolled out if the United States continued to act wilfully.

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    Facts speak louder than words. The drastic changes that have occurred in Tibet, once again, undeniably refute the hackneyed groundless criticism on the human rights situation in Tibet.

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    买时时输了80万With the backdrop of the global pandemic, it is impossible to be alone. China will not act like some countries and seek a monopoly or buy out vaccines and anti-epidemic medicines. Instead, it proposes building a global community of health for all and has put forward suggestions and measures to promote global cooperation in COVID-19 response.

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    Efforts should be made to better hold a series of celebrations next year that will mark the 50th anniversary of China-Chile diplomatic relations, and boost people-to-people ties, he said.

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    买时时输了80万Hailing the long-standing friendship and fruitful cooperation between the two countries, Wang said the notion of "building a community with a shared future" should be embodied in bilateral ties and China-Africa relations.

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    The Qingdao summit represents a unique opportunity. It is expected to lay out new plans to enhance the synergy of development strategies of SCO countries, adopt a number of documents and action plans on practical cooperation, and deliver a clear message on improving global governance and consolidating the multilateral trade system.

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    买时时输了80万In today's world of growing interdependence, the birth of technological breakthroughs increasingly requires mutually beneficial cooperation that transcends national borders. A zero-sum mindset that seeks momentary dominance at the expense of others would only suffocate the spirit of openness, the very source of innovation.

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      As it stirs up trade disputes, withdraws from international organizations and treaties, and rebuffs interdependence, the sole superpower in the world has become a lone wolf with unilateralism and protectionism as its credo.